About Us

Aligning talent with companies vision

Company Profile

Where it all began

At Callisto Talent Solutions Pvt Ltd, we listen to your hiring needs, find out what you’re looking for and match you with people that fit your company’s vision. Our goal will always be simple as we provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of recruitment and leadership advisory services with an unparalleled human touch. With more than decade of experience in the industry, our commitment to excellence and a team of subject matter experts, we are more than ready to deliver results that matter.

A Bit of History

Since our inception, we have been uncompromising on our promise to be the partner that finds you the places where you will grow effortlessly. We work through dedicated industry practice groups, each led by experienced leaders.

Our mission is to solve the most niche talent needs of our clients. We do that by combining our deep understanding of the worldwide talent pools with an unmatched understanding of client needs in the ever-changing demographic, economic, business and technological system. We tend to draw on rigorously curated networks, relationships and market knowledge to understand what represents a cultural fit.

What We Believe

Our beliefs help us find the right talent for our clients, without compromising the quality and turnaround time. This method will show how we search and what decision we enable.

Driving impactful change

We believe that every decision should be taken to amplify skills and create a significant impact. We are here to facilitate transformations that create a thriving ecosystem of growth.


We start with client interests followed by emphasizing empathy and understanding. We act and advise to nurture trust and respect your valuable requirements.

Continuous knowledge transfer

Our long-term partnership approach enables clients to benefit from our eternal in-depth knowledge and timely actionable insights.

Keeping it transparent

We maintain complete transparency and open communication throughout the entire process. We tend to give access to our global network and talent reach at each step. We quantify and measure a wide talent pool to deliver appropriate recommendations. We work from a place of total transparency to help you find the right talent and opportunity.